Simple Wild Free

It started when I was a little girl when I experienced a sense of suspended time and complete immersion whenever I engaged in creative play.

It was during these periods that I felt no separation between myself, my playmates, my environment, and my creative landscape.

I’ve found I am not alone in this.

Nearly everyone reports experiencing something similar in their lifetime: a sense of complete presence in their play, in which past and future cease—however briefly—to exist.

Life is rich when it’s simple. Our hearts are full when we let ourselves be wild. When we’re in harmony with our inner knowing, our values, and our environment, we’re free.

The habits, exercises, and meditations I share in my course are the same tools I use in my own life.

They’ve been a cornerstone for me to come into myself with joy and vitality. They can be for you too.


Simple Wild Free

Simple Wild Free

Get deeply nourished with the power of intuition, the wisdom of Ayurveda, and the insight of sacred creativity.